Technical Assistance to the PALOP-TL Regional Authorizing Officer

PALOP countries have a established long-standing cooperation and dialogue. The European Union supports the efforts of these countries through the PALOP and Timor Leste (PALOP-LT) Progamme which constitutes  an additional support to NIP of single countries. The NAO of Mozambique has been appointed as Coordination Authorising Officer  among the six NAO of the PALOP Countries.


This technical assistance aimed to guarantee the follow-up of the cooperation projects management, organize the communication channels, dynamize the preparation of the 8th NAO’s meeting with the participation of all the countries, accompany the instruction of the 10th EDF projects, promote the appropriation of the cooperation image and give advice to the Coordinating Authorizing Officer services.


Global Objective

The proposed assignment aims at facilitating and supporting the implementation of the PALOP-TL progamme


Specific Objective


The assignment will provide technical assistance to Coordinating Authorizing Officer in the overall coordination and project cycle management within the scope of PALOP-TL cooperation


The results of the TA were the following:


  • Quarterly follow-up report on the project.

  • Email distribution rationalization.

  • Convergence effort in order to reach a consensus on an alternative solution to the NAO’s meeting constant postponement in Bissau and mobilization of the PALOP’s NAO and TL services for the event that will be held at the end of the current year in Maputo.

  • Adoption of the cooperation logotype at all projects initiatives and issue scheduled for the Technical Meeting. 

Permanent and continued support to the Coordinating Authorizing Officer in Maputo.

Area of competence: 
Civil Society
Civil Society
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
September, 2010