Support to Local Governance

The PRSP prepared by GoB states that local governance is a key component in the country’s poverty reduction strategy. The EC agrees with this analysis and supports the decision. The overall objective of the consultancy is to identify a viable implementation strategy which the EC can support with a reasonable expectation of sustainability in the long run. There are many reasons why decentralising decision making on the provision of services down to as local a level as possible will improve service delivery. To be realistic there are also concerns on accountability, efficiency etc. The consultants will examine these concerns in an effort to appraise the gaps in capacity, capability and to determine the opportunities presented for donor support. The EC is ready to support the Government in this effort through a comprehensive sector approach to local governance with a view to reinforcing the concerned institutions making them accountable and accessible, and leading to the restoration of public trust and confidence in the local government in Bangladesh.

The consultants will also examine health and education, judicial systems,  disaster management particularly preparedness and mitigation including warning systems, environmental issues including climate change, and the inclusion of women and children. It is also required that the effectiveness of representation and accountability at the local level are examined. The focus of examination will be the Union Parishad but a complete analysis will require that other levels of local government are also addressed.


Asia (South East)
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European Commission
Start of project: 
September, 2005