Support to good governance (PAG)

Overall objective:

Contribute to the consolidation of the rule of law in the areas of public finance; justice and natural resources.


Specific objectives:

1.     Justice Component: Support to the Ministry of Justice to strengthen the functioning of the judicial system and to contribute to the establishment of a long-term strategy for the reform of the justice sector through the strengthening of the organizational mechanisms of the Ministry. The strategic objectives of this component are:
• capacity building for strategic planning of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
• rehabilitation of institutions in the justice sector
• the creation of the National School of Magistrates
• capacity building of the institutions of the justice sector
• strengthening and organization of human resources sector institutions of Justice
• the establishment of career plans for the judiciary personnel

The network administrators and its users have been trained in its use, and a practical guide was developed to help them use the software.
In addition, the project involves a Justice computerization component, to the benefit of the entire administration of the justice sector.


2.     The fiscal component: Help the Ministry of Economy and Finance to ensure the implementation of the Strategic Plan of Public Finance Reform and ensure the improvement of public finance management, including institutional strengthening internal and external control. The specific objectives are :

       Strengthening capacities of the economic/ financial offices of the National Assembly and senate.

       Strengthening abilities of the general accounting office,

       To adopt sectorial policy and Strategic plan regarding to the Public Finance reform,

       Capacity building of Public Finance institutions.


3.     The natural resources component: Support the Mines Ministry and the Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism in its role as contributor to the improved of legal revenue collection resulting from the exploitation of natural resources and encourage the reallocation of income to the local population. . The specific objectives are :

       To adopt sectorial policies and strategies regarding the mining and forest exploitation,

       To implement an inter-ministerial program from natural resources recipes,

       Strengthening the natural resources management chain; Capacity building of the local authorities in order to reinforce their fiscal mechanisms

Congo (Rébublique Démocratique)
Area of competence: 
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Reinforcement of the rule of law > Acces to justice
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Reinforcement of the rule of law > Acces to justice
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
January, 2009
Technical Assistance