Study to identify action to support a justice sector reform

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyse the major problems and current reform initiatives taking place in the justice sector in Nigeria. The study will form the basis for the NAO and EC to decide whether this is a sector to support further. If further engagement is recommended, the study should help prioritise EC support for reforms in the sector to maximise its impact on the poor and marginalised, and determine the scope and extent of such support.The intermediate objectives are to:
1. Identify and analyse the key problems and weaknesses of the justice sector and their impact on the poor (including those in prisons).
2. Analyse past (recent past) and on-going reform attempts; assess what their merit and weaknesses are. If, and only if, a realistic vision for large-scale reform emerges as plausible should the study advance to spelling out in greater detail how funding support may be used to harness such reform efforts.
3.Take stock of current trends (e.g. new systems, processes, and personnel) in the Nigerian justice sector (i.e. the court system, policing, prisons) and the probability of such efforts (by governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as development partners) leading to a genuinely more effective justice system, especially for the poor and marginalised.
4. Identify available resources on the sector (people, organisations, evaluations, studies) and areas where important knowledge gaps about the sector pertain.Where relevant, further studies may be recommended.
5. Consider how an en EC engagement in the justice sector could/should relate to EC involvement in “Integrated Community Development”
6. Depending on the outcome of the study, write one or several identification sheets (template will be provided) outlining the nature and estimated cost of proposed EC support.
7. Depending on the outcome of the consultation process write one Financing Proposal (including a budget produced in Excel, using formulas that make it easy to adapt in case of changes) and draft a tender dossier (templates to be provided) for the service provider (optional).
The outputs of the Project have been:
1. A study that provides further analysis supporting funding strategy including a ToR for further studies where knowledge gaps are identified
2.One or more Identification Sheet (s) according to template provided 
3. A Financing Proposal and a Tender Dossier according to templates provided

Area of competence: 
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Reform of judiciary
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Reform of judiciary
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
June, 2006