Study – diagnostic for the mid term evaluation of the institutional support to the NAO and for the identification of the future project of institutional support 2006-2009

The study was divided into two parts:


Ø       Evaluation:

·         Analyse the role, tasks and functional links between the different stakeholders involved in the cooperation with the EU;

·         Analyse the responsibilities and activities of the DGCOOP in the project cycle management to allow relevant tasks sharing;

·         Describe and analyse the DGCOOP organisation (general, financial and technical organisation);

·         Describe and analyse the technical infrastructure and the software used for the project management;

·         Evaluate the relevance, efficiency, efficacy and impact of the NAO support;

·         Evaluate the institutional position of the DGCOOP for better organisation;

·         Evaluate the improvements realized in the programming and designing of projects and programmes;

·         Analyse the work quality and the quality control system;

·         Evaluate the ownership level of the EC procedures

·         Evaluate the government capacity to manage the EC support, including competences transfer;

·         Identify the bottlenecks in the implementation of EU cooperation;


Ø      Identification of the new programme

On the basis of the evaluation, the expert formulated recommendations and concrete proposals on the drafting and implementation of the support to NAO programme 2006-2009. It will deal with the relevance of the new programme, the logic of intervention, budgeting of activities, viability conditions, and international support coordination…
Burkina Faso
Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
October, 2005