Review (PEFAR) 2004/2005 in Tanzania – contribution to the part on external audit, internal audit, and the management and recording of debt

Global objective: Support the GoT in its efforts to better improve Public Financial Management (PFM) by facilitating a common understanding among the government and donors on the performance of the institutions responsible for managing the country’s public finance, and in particular those in charge of internal audit, external audit and the management and recording of debt. This will also help the Development Partners to meet their fiduciary objectives by identifying risks to the use of in particular budget support proceeds posed by weaknesses in borrower PFM arrangements.


Specific objective: The overview of the situation on internal audit, external audit and the management and recording of debt will have to be integrated in a report which will cover inter alia:


-         A description of Tanzania Public Financial Management profile and a comparison of that profile with local rules as well as internationally recognized benchmarks;

-         A brief but structured analysis of fiduciary risk, based on the PEFA model;

-         An identification and description of the key issues facing Tanzania in pursuing an upgrade of its overall financial accountability environment;

-         Recommendations/strategy to be integrated into the Joint CAS and policy dialogue;

A status matrix on the implementation of the 2001 CFAA recommendations indicating the status for implementation of past recommendations and an analysis of why some recommendations have not been followed up.

Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
February, 2005