Project Of Support To The Parliament- Recruitment Of A Programme Management Unit

Overall objective:

To contribute to the consolidation of democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Parliamentary institutions have in effect a strategic role in this process, which involves drafting of legislation, control of executives and fair representation of the population, all within the context of decentralization foreseen by the Constitution.

The program of support to the parliaments includes three axes, namely:

·         Support the exercise of parliamentary functions: legislative, oversight and  representation,

·         Computerize, reorganize, equip the services of Parliament and provincial assemblies (North Kivu and Kinshasa) and training in business meetings (business section);

·         Promote the emergence of interfaces between institutions

This present service contract involves the establishment of a Programme Management Unit for the Support to the Parliament.


Specific objectives:

To ensure the coordination, the annual planning, the implementation, the monitoring and the reporting of the three axes of the Parliament Support Programme, as well as the financial and contractual management of actions implemented for the concerned institutes and structures.

Congo (Rébublique Démocratique)
Area of competence: 
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Policy Institutional development
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Policy Institutional development
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
April, 2011
Technical Assistance