Midterm review of no State Actors Support Programme

Global Objective

The overall objective is to assess the relevance of the programme and the sustainability of activities and approaches initiated or supported by the programme as well as provide recommendations for the future.


Specific objectives

The specific objective is to assess the achievements of the project, particularly with regard to impact and sustainability of the various interventions by different project components, and to advise on the opportunity of extending programme activities and, if that is the case, in what form.


The mission will:


a)    review the implementation of the activities of the project and the results achieved so far in line with the implementation plan and the logical framework.;

b)     assess the position and role of NSAF in the Zimbabwe civil society and its added value

c)    Document the impact of the programme on beneficiary organisations in various sectors and civil society at large;

d)    review the organisational governance systems as well as institutional arrangements and partnerships and assess the extent to which they have contributed to implementing the programme

e)    document and assess the roles of various key stakeholders;

f)     assess the  impact of the external environment on the implementation of NSASP;

g)    identify possible bottlenecks and shortcomings in the implementation of the programme and suggest possible ways of overcoming them.

Area of competence: 
Civil Society
Civil Society
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
October, 2010