Mid Term Evaluation of the Municipal Support Programme (EMSP)

The overall purpose of the Emergency Municipal Support Programme, of which this contract will be a part,  is to restore essential municipal services (water, electricity, waste-water, garbage collection, roads, etc.) to the population in the municipalities of the West bank and Gaza Strip damaged by the incursions of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).   
The objectives of this contract, i.e. the mid term evaluation, is foreseen in the Financing Agreement between the EC and the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Finance (MoF). Its main purpose is to analyse the progress of the programme, to draw lessons from the actual implementation of the programme, with a view to recommend adjustments if necessary, and possible improvements to the existing organisational structure in case of an extension of the programme.  
The main result of this project was to complete the evaluation of local government services in compliance with following evaluation criteria: 

i) The main reference documents available for the evaluation consisted of the Financing Agreement, the contracts of the PTS, the projects proposals, the work-programmes of the municipalities, the monitoring reports, as well as the database on the damage and the outputs of the IMG monitoring database.

ii) The five standard evaluation criteria had to be studied, as follows:

  • Relevance to the needs of the municipalities, in the context of closures and limitations of the Palestinian Authority; relevance of priority criteria and transparency of the decision-making process.

  • Efficiency of the overall management and administration of the programme;

  • Effectiveness in providing/restoring services to the population, strengthening the municipalities capacities as well as the PA coordination/decision making capacity.

  • Impact on the population.

  • Sustainability in the specific context of the West Bank and Gaza conditions, from an institutional as well as socio-economic point of view. For financial sustainability, the complementarity between the EC programme (project-based) and the World Bank programme (budget-based) should be reviewed.

iii) The evaluation techniques comprised of interviews of the PSC members, of the PTS staff and of some municipalities. A survey questionnaire and field visits were also undertaken , on a sample basis.

iv) The evaluation included a logical framework, and proposed changes/improvements to the existing organisational structure and donor/PA coordination mechanisms as appropriate. In particular, improved criteria for selection of projects, and possible ways to better involve the population and enhance participation was explored and proposed.

Palestinian Territories
Mediterranean Countries
Area of competence: 
DECENTRALIZATION AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT > Support to local authorities > Local Development Strategies
DECENTRALIZATION AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT > Support to local authorities > Local Development Strategies
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
September, 2004
Technical Assistance