Institutional Support Programme (ISP) - Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management

The overall objective of the ISP is to improve the delivery of essential public services to the benefit of the Cambodian population by strengthening the capacity of seven key ministries in undertaking policy formulation and establishing relevant procedures, instruments and standards for the effective implementation of these policies:

-         Office of the Council of Ministers

-         Ministry of Justice

-         Ministry of Environment

-         Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

-         Ministry of Commerce

-         Ministry of Foreign affairs and international cooperation

-         Ministry of Land management, Urban planning and construction


The objective of the present mission is to contribute to the implementation of the reformulated ISP activities, by means of technical assistance and design of training activities.


The mission will contribute to developing capacity to plan, design and manage capacity development activities including training activities, to further develop the functionality of the Human Resources Management Information system (HRMIS) used in managing the Royal Government of Cambodia’s public sector labour force

Asia (South East)
Area of competence: 
HUMAN RESSOURCES MANAGEMENT > HR policy > Public sector Reform
HUMAN RESSOURCES MANAGEMENT > HR policy > Public sector Reform
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
June, 2004