Institutional support programme (ISP) –ISP Training programmeProcurement and programme coordinator

The overall objective of the ISP isto improve the delivery of essential public servicesto the benefit of the Cambodian population by strengthening the capacity of seven key ministries in undertakingpolicy formulation and establishing relevant procedures, instruments and standardsfor the effective implementation of these policies:
-Office of the Council of Ministers
-Ministry of Justice
-Ministry of Environment
-Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
-Ministry of Commerce
-Ministry of Foreign affairs and international cooperation
-Ministry of Land management, Urban planning and construction

The mission will facilitate the preparation and implementation of the ISP training programme and ensure its smooth running. The consultant willdevelop a quality assurance planto support this effort and liaise closely to EC, the CAR (Council of Administrative Reform) and the ISP ministries and with the training service providers.

The consultant will ensure that the tendering procedures are followed according to the EC rules and that the tender is implemented successfully.

The mission will contributeto strengthen the inter-ministerial role of the CAR in the area of human resources management and development.

Asia (South East)
Area of competence: 
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Training of civil servants
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Training of civil servants
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
November, 2005