General Technical Assistance to the Programme for Tourism Development of Saint-Louis and the region

Overall objective:

In order to take into account all the heritage aspects of St. Louis and its region, the components of the Tourism Development Program (TDP) were diversified with investments from many stakeholders (Commune St. -louis, various ministries of the State of Senegal, the tourist and private owners) to facilitate the rapid deployment of each of these essential actors for the successful completion of the programme.

Specific objective:  
Diversification and improvement of the touristic and craft offer: the sense of "what is accessible or available to the visitor" to give reasons for "wandering" in urban space finding time to visit the city that justifies to spend several days.


Area of competence: 
URBAN DEVELOPMENT > Historical & Cultural heritage > Urban Tourism
URBAN DEVELOPMENT > Historical & Cultural heritage > Urban Tourism
Donor organisation: 
Start of project: 
February, 2015
Technical Assistance