FWC Lot 7 - Technical Assistance to the Government of Montenegro for the preparation of the Strategic Coherence Framework and Operational Programmes for IPA Components III & IV - Montenegro


The overall objective of the project was to enhance and reinforce the Montenegrin capacities in the context of the EU pre-accession process and the management of the IPA. 

The specific objective was t

o assist the relevant Montenegrin authorities in preparing strategic and programming documents for IPA III and IPA IV (including the SCF and the two related OPs) in accordance with the EU requirements and procedures.

Draft SCF and the draft two OPs (Environment, Transport, Regional Competitiveness and HRD) are prepared in full compliance with DG Regio/DG Employment Guidelines and any other applicable instructions/requirements of the EC and with full involvement of the Montenegrin authorities, in particular the line Ministries (i.e. Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication; Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management; Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare; Ministry of European Integration), Municipalities and CSOs.

Adequate preparations for IPA components III and IV require leadership and ownership of Montenegrin administration over the process of multi annual programming and DIS accreditation. Under DIS the national institutions will undertake the role in managing, contracting, tendering, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of IPA funded projects, while EC will retain ex-ante control of all operations.

Europe (Eastern & Central)
Area of competence: 
REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT > Regional development strategy > Regional cooperation and partnership
REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT > Regional development strategy > Regional cooperation and partnership
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
February, 2010