FWC COM LOT 1: Study on the implementation of the derogation from the standard Rules of Origin for fishery products granted to the Pacific ACP States in the framework of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement

General objective:


The purpose of the report is to allow the Parties to the Agreement (PNG and the EU) to assesshe utilisation of the derogation provisions, taking into account, in particular, its developmenteffects and the effective conservation and sustainable management of the resources andwhether it would be appropriate to amend the provisions.


Specific objectives:


  • Provide an evaluation of the implementation of the described derogation and to what extent it is achieving the intended objectives: a) Assess the impact of the derogation to the rules of origin in PNG in terms of development of the country, including the generation of revenue, investment, governance, local employment and impact on local communities; b) Analyse the management of fish resources in the region; aAssess the impact on the EU.
  • Make proposals and recommendations that may be necessary for the future joint monitoring of key indicators.


Team of experts:


The team shoul be·composed of three experts: one senior expert and two junior experts. The number of working-days will be 64 days for the senior expert and 128 days for the junior experts (in total 192 working days for the assignment).


The team as a whole should comprise experts with experience in at least one of the following areas, in such a way that the expertise and knowledge of the team covers all the three areas:

  • Experience with economic and trade analysis and trade modelling, as well as knowledge of the international fisheries industry, trade flows and investment in the fishing and canning industries.
  • Technical capacity to carry out social and economic impact assessments, including inputs on employment and social conditions.
  • Technical capacity to assess the environmental impact of the derogation on marine resources, including the current management of fisheries resources and its repercussions on future sustainable management.


Indicative starting date:· 04/07/2011


Duration of the assignment:·max 9 months

The overall objective is:
The specifics objectives are:

  1. Reports
Papua New Guinea
Asia (South East)
Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
July, 2011