FWC COM LOT 1: Central Asia Invest Networking Meeting

The Global objective of this Project are:

  • to provide technical assistance related to the agenda of the event and its implementation,
  • to advice the Commission services on how best to achieve the events’ objectives.·

The Specific objectives of this Project are:

  • Define in detail the agenda of the stakeholders event;
  • Provide input to the technical discussions in the working groups and the plenary sessions;
  • Facilitate / moderate the discussions in the working groups and the plenary sessions.

The expected outputs can be summarized as follow:
1. Contribute to the design of the agenda;
2. Elaborate and implement methodology for presenting the 20 grant projects funded under Central Asia Invest;
3. Moderate the plenary sessions, including project presentations;
4. Provide specific introduction to working group discussions and define concrete questions to be answered;
5. Facilitate working group discussions, leading to a presentation of the recommendations given by each working group in the final plenary sessions;
6. Facilitate working groups in coordination with the other speakers and facilitators;
7. Brief the other facilitator on the concept of the meeting agenda and its methodology, in order to agree on a common approach;
8. Summarise the findings and recommendations provided in the workshops / plenary discussions in the final report.

Europe (Member States)
Area of competence: 
MACROECONOMY > Investment promotion
MACROECONOMY > Investment promotion
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
August, 2011