Donor Coordinatior for delocratic development

The government of Cambodia launched in 2001 decentralisation and deconcentration reforms (D&D) and in June 2005 adopted the Strategic Framework for Decentralisation and Deconcentration Reforms. A technical working group has been established to support the D&D Reform Process, its objectives are a)strengthen government leadership of the development process for increased alignment of development partners’ support with national policies, b) enhance the effectiveness and optimal use of resources c)Advance Government-Donor and donor coordination, harmonise donor procedures, avoid overlap or multiplicity of assistance from Development Partners


The global objective of this contract is to support the Royal Government of Cambodia in its democratic development reform as outlined in the draft Nation Programme for Sub National Democratic Development (NP SNDD) in line with commitments made under the Paris declaration and the Accra Plan of Action.


The project has carried out the following activities:


1.        Assist in the management and coordination of the development partners group

2.        Contribute to the efforts of a core group of donors continue the policy dialogue with government
Contribute to and support the design and appraisal of new multi-donor support modality aligned with the National Decentralisation and Deconcentration (D&D)  Programme and the Three Year Implementation Plan

Asia (South East)
Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
July, 2010