Consultancy “Modernizing the Human Resources function at the Ministry of Finance/Institute of Finance”

The global objective of this framework consultancy is to support the process of reform at the Ministry of Finance through the modernization of its human resources management and development functions

  • Formulate and promote, in close consultation with senior decision makers at MoF, a new conceptual approach to HR management and development that would assist the various directorates of the Ministry of Finance in better utilising its human capital to meet the challenges of its reform program.

  • Design suitable tools that would allow the MoF various directorates to modernize their HR management practices, and apply a more systematic approach to HR development, consistent with the reform initiatives undertaken at each directorate.

  • Assist (where feasible within the contracting period) with the implementation of the proposed measures.

  • Provide necessary training modules to help implement these measures.

  • Transfer technical knowledge and undertake capacity building of MoF and IoF staff.
    The attention of the consultant should be focused, in a specific way, on the fact that his recommendations should be compatible with the rules and regulations that govern the Civil Service inLebanon.. If the consultant recommends putting into practice actions which realization is not possible within the current legislative cadre, he should clearly indicate this, and pinpoint the prerequisite reforms necessary for these actions to be implemented.
  • Country: 
    Mediterranean Countries
    Area of competence: 
    PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Budget and Public Finance reform
    PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Budget and Public Finance reform
    Donor organisation: 
    European Commission
    Start of project: 
    June, 2005