Constitution of a juridical and judicial database in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the performance of the judicial system by supplying an IT tool answering t the following objectives:

                 Allow to reach a complete and exhaustive source of law

                 Allow the compilation of thematic research

                 Allow to answer to all Law professionals  officer cadet at a high level of ethics and at a resolution of disputes in the transparency, the independence and the efficiency

                 Manage the WORKFLOW of the Mauritanian Direction of Legislation for: the reception of legal texts projects, the various stages of validation by the direction and the external actors (validation from the responsible service within the Presidency)

                 Plan a module of report and documentary production allowing: the semi-automation of the process of production of a legal newspaper according to customizable duration and customizable numbering; the production of an annual synthesis of juridical texts including texts summary, name indexation and field indexation.


This project joins in the strategic choices of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania regarding modernization of the legal system according to three main axes: Training, Transparency and Computerization.


The realization of a legal and judicial information system is a key project as on one hand, it gives Law professionals appropriate conditions which allow them to work in accordance with the law, and on the other hand it gives the foreign users (citizens, foreign, private investors, etc.) a tool to discover and work within the normative framework of Mauritania.


As for specific objectives, this project aims at the implementation of a turnkey information system integrating conception and development from an OPEN source software package of a legal and judicial WEB application for the implementation, update and distribution of a documentary database of the current legislative / substantive law and a selection of the case law (including decision of Courts of Appeal, Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Council).


Besides, the tenderer will insure a provision of advisory services and assistance to the Ministry of Justice for the implementation of the adequate structures for the exploitation of this database as well as the functioning of the service of edition of the Mauritanian Official Journal:

-              Organization chart,

-              Profiles of the human resources required in the centre of exploitation,

-              Participation in the recruitments

-              Management of the team

-              Know-how transmission

-              Functions of every participant

-              Information flows and documents to be treated

The computerized system, allowing to bring to a successful conclusion the operations of digital acquisition of documents, is the object of a customer application server different from the application legal and judicial WEB but communicating with the documentary bottom via an API

(programmable application interfaces) or an IF (service interfaces) supplied by the software package of realization of the WEB application.

The operations of collection, scanning, digitalization, OCR, corrective treatment, indexation, storage and electronic filing of texts and data for the purposes of reconstruction of a legal frame(all the texts promulgated since 1959, including the Constitution) will also be taken into account.

Teams of the Ministry of Justice and other beneficiaries will be trained by the provider on digitalization, administration, exploitation and the use of the implemented system.


Finally, the provider is expected to insure a technical support after deployment of the system in conformance with the operational know-how transmission.


Area of competence: 
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Reform of judiciary
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Reform of judiciary
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
September, 2011
Technical Assistance