Adapting the Young Professional Scheme to the needs of the Civil service Reform Location

The overall objective of the project  was to continue the implementation of the public administration reform with a special view on the civil service reform area.


The specific objective was to further develop the newly created Corps of Professional Public Managers and to adapt it to the current needs of the civil service reform within the context of Romania’s integration in EU. The main stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Scheme (CUPAR, NIA-National Institute of Administration, and NACS - National Authority for Civil Servants, employing institutions) had to be supported to assume progressively, full responsibility and ownership for the continuation and further development of the Scheme.


 Direct target groups: scholars, trainees:

·     Romanian civil servants aged 35 or under, with minimum 1 year experience in the public sector and holding a university degree, were eligible to apply for the Trainee programme;

·     Recent university graduates with relevant university degrees, regardless of experience, were eligible to apply for the Scholarship programme.

Indirect target group: CUPAR, NACS and NIA staff that were involved in the implementation of the current YPS project and who had to take over the responsibility of future cycles


Europe (Eastern & Central)
Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
November, 2007
Technical Assistance