Our Services

B&S Europe provides needs-tailored services in accordance with the different stages of the Operations Cycle for External Assistance Projects. Our consultancy follows a set of well-defined processes in order to ensure proper management of our projects and guarantee the best quality of results. Financial management and quality control are given priority throughout the entire project life-cycle so that projects are completed within the planned time-frame and the anticipated budget, without compromising the quality of final results.

Project development

Since its inception in 1991, B&S Europe has formed a wide-reaching network of connections, including entities and individuals such as the European Commission, local EU Delegations, government agencies, NGOs, civil society organizations, other consultancies, and experts in the field. The creation of this ever-expanding network – together with its status as a member of GOPA Consulting Group – makes B&S particularly well situated to secure contracting opportunities and gather consortium partners. Indeed, in light of our desire to connect and work synergistically with others, B&S is open to both leading and joining consortia. We have already helped implement a range of projects with a variety of international partners, including the AFD, GIZ, BTC, DFID, World Bank, DANIDA, AfDB, and SIDA among others.

Project management

B&S Europe supports donors at all stages of the Operations Cycle, providing its services both through Technical Assistance and Framework Contract tools covering long-term and short-term projects, respectively. B&S’s comprehensive approach provides backstopping and quality control at every phase of the process, ensuring effective logistical and administrative support to all actors involved. B&S takes responsibility for its projects by regularly sending its own staff to monitor on-the-ground developments and dialogue with implementing personnel, thereby ensuring effective communication and a strategic approach to tackle challenges as they arise.

B&S provides a series of back-up services to support Experts teams and Beneficiaries.

The Project Operations Cycle


Training is an essential component of international development and capacity building that engages society at all levels – from providing specialized knowledge to government officials, law enforcement, and human resources personnel, to raising awareness among local citizens on topics of vital importance such as health, security, and human rights or reform process. B&S Europe has implemented training programs in a wide range of geographical and thematic contexts, partnering with organizations and experts in the field to ensure the clear and effective impartation of strategic principles, methodologies and specialized know-how that empowers development actors to change the status quo. Indeed, “knowledge is power,” but knowledge that is never shared means nothing.


Organizing events is a cornerstone in the European Union’s objective to engage with partner countries across the world and promote the EU’s values through direct dialogue. Event management connects sound expertise in handling logistical arrangements with the careful handling of political aspects of the events meant to avoid logistical faux pas and demonstrate an understanding of the local context – all factors which affect the outcome of any event. B&S has not only managed conferences with attendees numbering in the thousands, but has also handled sensitive diplomatic meetings and intergovernmental discussions. B&S has the necessary capacities to mobilize both internal and external resources to ensure the success of its events.