Conflict Prevention and Mediation Support

Job published date: 
Thursday, April 29, 2021
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, May 27, 2021
Europe (Member States)

Details of post

High Level Expert
  • Description of post: High-Level Experts will provide conflict prevention and mediation support services.
  • Qualifications: The High-Level Experts must meed the following criteria:
    - Career and track record in international peace processes (minimum 25 years), including at least three senior management appointments in governments, international organisations or international mediation organisations;
    - Track record of having led peace processes or mediations as senior facilitator or mediator;
    - Past and current roles can include appointments as UN Special Representatives or Envoys; OSCE Special Envoys; ambassadorial level positions in conflict countries; EU Special Representatives, Envoys, or similar high-level positions.
  • Duration: 40 day(s)
    Senior Thematic Expert
  • Description of post: The Senior Thematic Experts will provide conflict prevention and mediation support services. A Senior Thematic Expert mus have significant experience in one of the thematic areas below:
    - Peace Mediation and Dialogue Facilitation
    - Peace Process Support;
    - Conflict Prevention and Peace Building;
    - Conflict Sensitivity and Conflict Analysis, including Risk Assessments also in relation to specific programmes or support measures,
    - Conflict Scenario building;
    - Climate Change and Conflict, including natural resources and environmental degradation – water and land and their impact on peace/conflict;
    - Conflict Early Warning and Horizon Scanning;
    - Women, Peace and Security; Gender-Sensitivity in Peace Processes and Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding;
    - Youth and Peacebuilding;
    - Post-conflict transitions;
    - Religious groups and mediation;
    - Election related violence;
    - (Digital) Media and Conflict;
    - Impact of digitalization on peace and conflict and the use of digital tools;
    - Conflict and Education.
  • Qualifications: - A university degree (equivalent to Master or higher) in social sciences, law, economy or other relevant fields;
    - Knowledge of the European Union institutional structure, instruments, policies and roles including the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the role and function of EU Delegations and external relations funding instruments;
    - Strong communications and drafting skills, and proven human relations skills in conflict mediation situations, ability to interact with high-level government officials and the diplomatic community;
    - Capacity to travel frequently, at short notice and also for long-stay mission;
    - Ability to live and work under difficult conditions;
    - Ability to work independently in a systematic and productive manner;
    - Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment, ability to motivate and listen to all members of a team, ability to develop consensus among people with different points of view;
    - Excellent command of English and/or French;
    - Computer literate (Microsoft basic software Word, Excel and PowerPoint);
    - At least 7 years relevant professional experience in related fields;
    - At least 3 years work experience in fragile or conflict-affected countries.
  • Duration: 1380 day(s)
    Junior Expert
  • Description of post: Junior experts will perform logistical, secretarial and analytical support to the policy processes related to the activities and assignments within the scope of this framework contract, such as conflict analysis, early warning, mediation, climate security, data
    collection, etc., including but not limited to, support to the preparation and organisation of meetings (online and physical), minute taking, drafting of correspondence and reports and feedback on reports, process monitoring..
  • Qualifications: - University degree (Bachelor or higher in relevant field);
    - Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in the field of conflict prevention and mediation support;
    - Good command of English and French (C1 level as per Common European Framework of Reference);
    - Familiarity with the EU institutions and in particular the EEAS;
    - Familiarity with one or more of the policy areas described above.
  • Duration: 150 day(s)
    Name of Project: 
    Conflict Prevention and Mediation Support
    Project start date: 
    Thursday, April 29, 2021
    Project end date: 
    Friday, December 15, 2023
    960 day(s)