Our Mission

Over the past 30 years, B&S has built-up and maintened its current status as a global company operating in the sector of cooperation for development, on every continent, applying our guiding principle of Development through understanding.

At B&S Europe, we firmly believe that only through respecting local cultures and ways of life, can we create sustainable solutions to the multi-faceted challenges faced by developing countries. Rather than dictating solutions from the outside, B&S Europe provides consultancy services that incorporate a comprehensive understanding of local culture and political context, and engage in knowledge-transfer practices. 

We have consolidated our degree of specialisation in the field of Justice and Rule of Law, Governance and Democracy, Security and Home affairs, and Communication and Outreach

We believe in working together with the highest level of respect for all of our professional partners. We are honoured to be working in such an enriching environment, that daily gives us the opportunity to understand and appreciate other cultures. Our work is guided by the principle of adapting to the needs of targeted beneficiaries, putting into practice the ideas defined by the national governments in line with International donors funding provisions.

We will continue implementing projects aiming to make a social impact through strengthening Governance, Justice and Human Rights. In order to achieve this, we are continuously increasing our business partnerships with a wide range of local providers from developing countries, as well as consolidating our internal human resource policy to incorporate B&S staff sharing the same core values: honesty, empathy, professionalism and dynamism

Rafael Comenge, Managing Director