Working in the Northern part of Kosovo to remove entry-barriers for Serbian legal professionals


Our Free Legal Professions project in Kosovo launched last week a series of activities that will be implemented in the Northern part of Kosovo to support the Serbian-majority municipalities in removing the entry barriers for Serbian legal professionals entering the Kosovo legal system.

Considering the strong link between the Free Legal Professions and the judiciary, the project aims to increase the overall efficiency of the judiciary and improve access of all citizens to these professions. To achieve that, in the next ten months the project will, for the first time, offer tailored support to young Kosovo-Serbs law graduates through ad-hoc preparatory courses for the jurisprudence exam and profession-specific exams, as well as sponsoring tailored internships programmes.

These activities will open more opportunities for Serbian law students and legal professionals, benefiting their professional advancement as well as the development of their communities, thanks to improved access to justice and enhanced business environment.