West Africa: Common fight against the environmental degradation of the Senegal River


Four countries (Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and Guinea) are fighting against the environmental degradation of the Senegal river. To do so, and under the project WEFE (Support to Management of water management and of the nexus of Water-Energy-Agriculture at the Senegal riverbank, the four countries are harmonising their approach to manage and interlink their data collection. The objective of this program is to obtain a global approach to the environmental problems, which are accelerated by the effects of climate change and have a strong impact in water provision, food security and energy security.

This week, the representatives of the four countries involved and the European Union (who is financing the project, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy) are meeting in Dakar to present the first results of the initial analysis done, assess the and agree on the way forward. B&S Europe was in charge to set up the logistics of this event.

More information about the WEFE project can be found here: https://aquaknow.jrc.ec.europa.eu/projet-wefe-senegal