Towards a Transatlantic Partnership of Marine Protected Areas: kick-off meeting today


Today we are promoting partnership around the Atlantic basin, with the launch workshop of the EU-funded project ‘Towards a Transatlantic Partnership of Marine Protected Areas’. Marine Protected Areas officials from Africa, the Americas and Europe are meeting in Brussels today and tomorrow to discuss governance, financial sustainability and management practice.  

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B&S Europe is leading the technical assistance team who will support the EU in this initiative through the framework contract : "Cooperation with Northern and Southern Transatlantic Dimension - Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)". The objective of this project is to promote EU's role in the international arena by providing elements necessary for the Commission and the EEAS for effective policy formulation and programming vis-à-vis the wider Atlantic region. To achieve this objective the project will stimulate broader transatlantic cooperation, centered around a new comprehensive concept of Atlanticism underscoring the growing importance of Africa and Latin America as actors in the Atlantic space. The specific objective of this action is to broaden the discussion on the effective management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on both rims of the Atlantic with a view to protect marine biodiversity.