Rwanda: 2nd African Innovation Summit


The AIS is an Africa-wide and home grown initiative aimed at harnessing the innovation potential of the continent. It aims to mobilize the people and, especially those with the ‘power to act’, including investors, the people with the ideas, the policy makers, the researchers and academics, the business community, the youth, as well as innovators and thinkers into a coalition for collective action to promote and build an enabling environment for innovation in Africa. The goal is to engage as many people as possible in order to build a broad constituency in support of innovation in Africa. 

The AIS platform includes regular Summits to promote dialogue, facilitate exchange of best practices among stakeholders and African countries, showcase what is happening on the continent, and share lessons of experience. The platform also includes engaging with African researchers and scholars to undertake case studies to tease out lessons of experience in order to facilitate learning by stakeholders. The African Innovation Exhibit which is also part of the AIS provides a stage to showcase home-grown innovations and innovators on the continent.

The AIS is a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue. The Summit brings together participants from all over the world, but with significant share coming from Africa. Participants will include:

•Heads of States and Governments;

•Ministers and other government officials and senior policy makers;

•Heads of the regional and continental organizations;

•CEOs of established companies and founders of start-ups;

•Partners from Venture capital firms and private equity, as well as Bankers and capital market operators;

•Academics, researchers, policy experts, science and technology experts;

•Business angels, high net worth individuals, innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs.

The AIS’ 2018 edition took place this in Kigali, Rwanda from 6th to 8th June. The European Commission is one of the partners of this edition and requested B&S Europe to support them in the logistics arrangements for various aspects of the event including for the participation of 50 innovators coming from 15 countries across the continent.

Doreen KESSY from UBONGO is one of the 50 innovators that attended the AIS and that was sponsored by the EU. Ubongo is a non-profit social enterprise which creates fun, localised and multi-platform educational content that helps kids learn, and leverage their learning to change their lives.