Projects awarded in Lebanon!


In line with the European Union Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation Action Plan and expanding the crucial assistance to partner countries in the upgrade of their CBRN risk mitigation and response capacities, the EU Delegation for Lebanon contracted B&S Europe for the implementation of two complementary contracts, aiming at strengthening Lebanese prevention and response capacities in this sensitive area of work.

B&S Europe will manage, over 34 months, a Technical Assistance on CBRN risks mitigation in Lebanon. Key beneficiaries will include Lebanese security agencies (including Armed Forces, Civil Defence, ISF, firefighters) and the Office of the Prime Minister, to enhance the technical capacities of first responders and their coordination in case of a CBRN-related incident. The project, starting in October 2018, will count on the partnership of Italian Stato Maggiore Difesa, French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs and association SAFE.

B&S Europe will also lead, in partnership with French specialist Ouvry, a supply contract for the provision of specialized CBRN equipment to beneficiary agencies, ensuring availability of essential material and instruments for effective and safe deployment of specialized CBRN teams in the country, as well as access to top-level detection instruments.

Both projects will allow Lebanese authorities to provide an effective and rapid reaction in case of CBRN natural or man-made disaster, thus strongly enhancing security and safety of Lebanese citizens.