Project Awarded in the Philippines!


The EU Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centre of Excellence programme was launched in 2010 and is part of the EU risk mitigation framework under the Instrument contributing to Peace and Stability (IcSP). It aims to implement capacity building programmes in the field of CBRN risk mitigation based on the needs and priorities identified by the partner countries themselves (‘bottom up’) so as to increase ownership and sustainability. 

B&S Europe's consortium has recently been awarded the project: “On-site Technical Support to the EU Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centre of Excellence Regional Secretariat in Manila”. This project is designed to boost coordination, exchange of information, promotion of regional projects, and to support to their effective implementation. Strengthening the CoE secretariats will bolster the engagement of individual states within the initiative, with the aim of creating increasingly regional responses to CBRN threats. The key defining feature of the CoE initiative is its bottom-up approach; this requires stimulation and cultivation of capacity at the national level in order to ensure the sustainability of the CoE initiative. To achieve this, the project will make a significant effort to ensure local ownership through strengthening and expanding existing networks between relevant actors on the national level.

Accordingly, the technical assistance will target both the national and regional levels, including other stakeholders such as industry and scientific institutions.  

The project builds upon previous B&S Europe experience in the CBRN risk mitigation field, notably from its sister project targeting the EU CBRN CoE in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and will aim to advance EU and partnership countries’ priorities and capacities in this crucial field.