Project Awarded on data protection !


B&S Europe in consortium with CARSA, VUB and E-GA; has been recently awarded the EU-funded project “International Digital Cooperation-Enhanced Data Protection and Data Flows“ for a value of nearly 3 million Euros with a duration of 36 months.

The project covers countries in Asia, in particular India, Japan, South Korea and Latin America, in particular Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Uruguay.

It will seek to  contribute to the development of a secure, right-based international digital sphere, conducive to a level playing field in terms of market access and business opportunities for EU companies. The project will seek to increase awareness and acceptance by the relevant actors in particular public authorities, civil society and businesses of personal data protection as a pre-requisite to data flows with the EU; enhance knowledge of target groups in partner countries of the new EU personal data protection legal framework; and improve coherence on data protection approaches through the development of common approaches compatible with the EU data protection model.

In order to achieve the stated objectives and results, the project will implement the following activities: 

1.Support in research activities to support effective engagement and a high level of data protection conducted per target country: Case studies, Country and Regional fiches and other ad-hoc research related activities. 

2.Support in policy outreach, dialogue and knowledge exchange activities for targeted stakeholders on tailor-made data protection issues: Organisation and support of high-level meetings and conferences with the various stakeholders in the Partner Countries. 

3.Support in communication and dissemination activities to promote broader sharing of EU Data Protection Model and stimulate knowledge sharing and capitalization: Development of a website, media campaign and publications.

Congratulations to our team, our experts and partners!