Maritime protected areas: 3 twinning projects confirmed - beginning of activities


The EU-funded Transatlantic MPA Network project has started work on three twinning projects to build partnerships between managers of marine protected areas (MPA) around the Atlantic.

The 3 twinning projects aim at building partnerships across the Atlantic and at contributing to better MPA management effectiveness for improved conservation of marine ecosystems. The projects were designed to address common challenges facing MPA managers.

With partners from North and South America, Africa and Europe, the twinning projects are establishing genuine transatlantic partnerships around the Atlantic rim.

The three twinning projects are as follows:

  • Cooperation and common strategy between MPA networks of managers in the Atlantic region (‘Networks twinning’);
  • MPAs and coastal resilience, coping with rapid changes (‘Resilience twinning’);
  • Marine mammals’ protection, a way to enhance transatlantic cooperation between MPAs (‘Marine mammals twinning’)

The 3 twinning projects will meet back in November 2017 to share conclusions, good practices and to reinforce the collaboration among both sides of the Atlantic in the protection of Maritime Areas.

The European Union has set up this initiative to promote cooperation between managers of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in countries and territories around the Atlantic Ocean, bringing both sides of the Atlantic together in twinning projects. It is designed to stimulate exchange and the sharing of best practice to improve the effective management of MPAs in coastal and offshore areas of the Atlantic. B&S Europe is providing Technical Assistance to facilitate these twinning projects.