Macedonia: Project final event – State Institutions reaffirm strong commitment for firm action against organised crime and corruption


The EU-funded project “Fight against organised crime and corruption” focused on establishing stronger mechanisms and standards for prevention and suppression of corruption, enhancing institutional capacities for conducting investigation of high-level corruption, financial crimes and money laundering, and strengthening of the coordinated and efficient national response to computer incidents and cybercrime. 

Particular technical assistance provided by B&S Europe's consortium through this project was in the area of recovery and management of confiscated assets, as one of the most effective measures against crime. As the Project Director Mr. Andrea D’Angelo pointed, confiscation and returning of criminal assets to the society will help the citizens feel the benefits of the fight against organised crime.

Its achievements further include training of over 550 staff of the beneficiary institutions, a manual for the value and protection of whistleblowers, a new cybercrime strategy, as well as a large number of updated standard operating procedures, guidelines and manuals relevant to the fight against organised crime and corruption.

The closing event of the project was attended by Mr. Jaromir Levicek, Chargé d’affaires at the Delegation of the European Union, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Oliver Spasovski, and the Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Oliver Ristovski. 

On behalf of all involved beneficiary institutions, Mr. Marjan Stoilkovski, Head of the Department for Computer Crimes and Digital Forensics at the Ministry of Interior, Ms. Rozeta Trajan, Secretary General of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, and Mr. Faton Asani, Director of the Agency for the Management of Seized Property, presented the most substantial outcomes of this project related to their respective institutions. 

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