Macedonia: National Intelligence Model to reinforce multi-sectoral law enforcement cooperation


Representatives of the Financial Police, Customs Administration, Financial Investigation Unit, State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and Forensic Department participated in a training from 10 to 12 April 2018, organised by our EU-funded project in Macedonia “Fight against organised Crime and Corruption”.

The training had a focus on the role each law enforcement agency plays in the intelligence-led policing process, and how they can achieve the best results through strengthening of the National Intelligence Model.

The National Intelligence Model (NIM) offers a realistic goal of integrated intelligence in which all forces could play a part in a bigger system. NIM is about the effective and efficient collection, recording, dissemination and retention of information that enables accurate and appropriate decision-making about priorities and tactical options, and setting the overall strategic direction.

During the sessions, the Standard Operating Procedures currently used by the national police were also reviewed and discussed. They offer step-by-step instructions which help staff carryout complex routine operations, and achieve efficiency, quality outputs and uniformity of performance.

The expected outcomes of successfully implemented and continuously advanced National Intelligence Model are improved community safety, reduced crime, and a higher control of criminality and disorder, leading to greater public reassurance and confidence.

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