LEBANON | SECURITY | CBRN defense awareness raising training


The EU Technical Assistance on CBRN risk mitigation in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Defense (Stato Maggiore della Difesa), has recently developed and implemented a CBRN defense awareness raising training to the Republican Guard Brigade or Presidential Guard, located at the Presidential Palace in Baabda.

The training focused in providing the main characteristics and properties of CBRN agents, first response, procedures to mitigate effects on the personnel, practical exercises for the dressing/undressing of CBRN Individual Protective Equipment and on detection devices. The training was complemented with practical exercises on the use of CBRN equipment and PPE. 

The project is implemented by a consortium led by B&S Europe and aims at improving the governmental capacity for emergency preparedness and crisis response (for both man-made crises and natural disasters), in particular CBRN incidents. The project implements targeted, operational and tailor-made trainings and mentoring, joint exercises to the first responders (Civil Defense, Beirut Firefighters, Internal Security Forces and Lebanese Armed Forces) as well as strategic level technical assistance to the CBRN National Commission for implementation of National CBRN Action Plan.