Launch of the EU funded Project “Support to the Georgian Competition Agency”



On 24th of March 2017, in Tbilisi, the EU funded Project “Support to the Georgian Competition Agency” was launched with a foreseen duration of two years.


The project has three main objectives:

  • To increase and strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of legal, economic and technical capacities of the Competition Agency to implement and enforce the competition policy, in accordance with the EU best practices and DCFTA provisions (component 1 of the Project);

  • To improve the cooperation between the Competition Agency and Sector Regulators (component 2 of the Project);

  • To promote a competition culture within the Georgian society (component 3 of the Project).

The project will also serve the perspective of protecting SMEs activities, attracting foreign investments, promoting free entrepreneurial activity and consumers' welfare. In addition, it contributes to further strengthening of the institutional position of the Competition Agency, both locally and internationally for the promotion of awareness of competition rules and understanding of the role of competition policy at all levels of Georgian society.