Kosovo: first trainings to law students & law graduates from minorities


Under the framework of the EU funded project “Support to Free Legal Professions and the Bar Association”, in Kosovo, we successfully implemented this week the first of a series of training sessions to be delivered to law students and law graduates from Serbian minority and other minorities in Kosovo. The aim of this activity is to help remove the entry barriers for Serbian legal professionals and other minorities entering the Kosovo legal system.

The project is offering tailored support to these target groups for ad-hoc preparatory courses for the jurisprudence exam and profession-specific exams, including here the i) Jurisprudence Exam, ii) Ethics Exam at KBA, iii) Notary Exam and/or iv) Exam for Private Enforcement Agents. 

The first of these sessions took place in the North of Mitrovica were more than 20 students/law graduates took part. Other sessions are expected to take place in different regions of Kosovo. 

These activities will open more opportunities for Serbian law students and legal professionals, benefiting their professional advancement as well as the development of their communities, thanks to improved access to justice and enhanced business environment.