Kosovo: 8 month ToT programme compleated!


On 14th of September 2018, in the framework of our EU-funded project “Support to Free Legal Professions and the Bar Association" in Kosovo, we completed a comprehensive 8 month-long, Train the Trainers (ToT) Programme targeting 20 representatives of the four younger free legal professions (FLPs) in Kosovo, namely: Notaries, Private Enforcement Agents, Mediators and Bankruptcy Administrators.  

The completion of this ToT Programme represents a unique achievement for our project and Kosovo because for the first time we brought together representatives from these professions and the Ministry of Justice to work together in enhancing their training skills, designing training courses, and delivering practically-oriented professional training sessions, closely tailored to the needs of the FLP in this country. 

The ToT programme was built for transferring knowledge, skills and best practices through modern training methodologies. After graduating from the ToT Programme, the new trainers are now able to replicate the pilot workshops, design and deliver more training courses for developing essential competences for performing a FLP and implementing a unified training methodology. Through the programme, the MoJ and the respective professional organizations of FLPs will maximize the opportunities for horizontal collaboration among the various free legal professions.

It is a turning point as FLPs take charge of their professional development, and a long-term investment in providing efficient trainings for these professions. This will serve as a platform for sharing useful experience among professionals, closely cooperating and increasing the professionalism among colleagues to better serve society and the public good.