Jordan : Information Session for Business Development Service Providers


In the frame of the project Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises (JADE) implemented by B&S Europe's consortium, we organised this week in Amman, an information session for Business Development Service Providers.

JADE is a three-year project co-funded by the European Union aiming to support the development of an inclusive and innovative private sector that leads economic growth and development across regions in Jordan . The project will, more specifically, develop pathways for increasing local market linkages across value chains, supporting the development of value added, encouraging innovation and promoting skills development in a manner that leads to realising the growth potential of Jordanian small and medium enterprises. 

As part of its mandate, the project will support SMEs with: 

  • Access to skills and expertise through Business intermediaries, skill development programmes and access to international experts; and, 
  • Developing market and investment linkages through enhancing local value chains and supporting access to international markets and investors; and, 
  • Fostering innovation through crowdsourcing innovative solutions to existing enterprise challenges. 

The project targets supporting 100 SMEs and 60 innovative startups with development opportunities that would increase exporting, maximise productivity and create 1200 new employment opportunities within supported enterprises. 

To achieve its objectives the project will work with various public sector and private sector stakeholders including the HKJ government, local Business Development Services providers, training providers, Chambers of Industry and Commerce and incubators among others to stimulate an environment that favours the growth of local SMEs. 

JADE will produce various studies and reports that will inform the implementation of its activities and will guide other stakeholders and partners in designing interventions that support private sector development in Jordan. These studies include diagnostics of different industries targeted by the project, mapping of different stakeholders such as incubators, BDS providers, and training providers, enterprise level diagnostics, skills gaps assessment in high potential industries among other studies supporting PSD interventions in the country. 

JADE is implemented by a consortium of Partners led by B&S Europe and composed of the Leaders International, Belgian Italian Chamber of Commerce and Jordan University of Science and technology.