JAMAICA | Validation Workshop: Needs Assessment for Case Management and Psychosocial Support


As part of its Technical Assistance to the Support to Citizen Security project in Jamaica, B&S supported the organisation of a validation workshop for the project activity "Needs Assessment for Case Management and Psychosocial Support". The workshop took place on the 2nd of December in a hybrid modality (online and in person); it was successfully conducted and delivered meaningful findings and recommendations. 

A variety of stakeholders attended the Validation Workshop, from the European Union Delegation to Jamaica, the Citizen Security Secretariat (CSS), the Ministry of National Security and other Agencies and Departments, CSOs representatives and finally, our Technical Assistance Team (TAT) and backstopping from B&S Europe.

The workshop had the objective to review and discuss initial findings of B&S Experts, which included the current status of case management and psychosocial services available for children and youth, the challenges and possible options for addressing the gap between needs and available services, including the financial estimations to close the gap. The case management system in Jamaica is shared among different MDAs and institutions, targeting different people depending on their mandate. The number of cases per case managers, the underfunded MDA, the lack of coordination and shared database are key challenges that impede integrated and functioning case management services to the Jamaican population, especially at risk youth. Therefore, addressing these issues would bolster the efforts of the Jamaican government, with the support of international partners, to prevent violence and crime. 

As the Experts elaborated also a set of recommendations for the way forward, the participants were asked to  comment them to define possible next steps to be taken to improve coordination between relevant agencies, to improve the data and data sharing, and to target the most at-risk and expanding the current coverage. The Experts wanted to gather and include the comments, inputs and opinions of the whole spectrum of stakeholders in the final report and set of recommendations. 

The Technical Assistance to the Support to Citizen Security Budget Support Programme is implemented by B&S Europe in partnership with the Peace Management Initiative Limited, for a duration of 36 months, having started in January 2021. Its main objective is to contribute to to the improvement of the security and safety environment in Jamaica’s most at risk communities.