GOVERNANCE | Supporting local development worldwide


Last month we have celebrated the first period of the TALD project – “Helpdesk and facility for the Territorial Approach to Local Development”. Launched in January 2020, the project aims at providing support and technical expertise to the Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation (DG DEVCO), including to its staff in EU Delegations (EUDs)worldwide and and in the headquarters. 

The support provided by our experts mainly addresses how to, cover/integrate Local Authorities (LA) related issues in the European Commission (EC) supported programs and projects. The initiative is very relevant and in line with the EU and global policy vision on these themes, namely the EC Communication “Empowering Local Authorities in partner countries for enhanced governance and more effective development outcomes” and with the EC Reference Document n° 23 “Supporting decentralisation, Local Governance and Local development in partner countries through a territorial approach”.

The project is grounded on two pillars - the Helpdesk and the Facility - under the overall guidance and oversight of our experienced Team Leader. The facility attends to EU Delegations worldwide in their requests regarding the integration of the Territorial Approach to Local Development and other LA related actions. Recently, the first Global TALD Seminar of the contract  took place online, gathering over 40 representatives from EUDs and LA associations. The interactive three-day event encouraged several small working sessions and debates. 

The TALD project has a total duration of 4 years (2020 – 2024) and is being implemented by B&S Europe in association with two other specialised Consortium partners.