CULTURE | CultureXchange – an EU platform for culture and creative industries


Developed in 2019 within the frame of the EU-funded project “Culture Advisory Service”, CultureXchange is a knowledge and skills sharing platform and a match-making tool, supporting a vibrant professional community dedicated to culture and creative industries in the EU partner countries.   

CultureXchange facilitates interaction between cultural professionals from the private and public sectors, and from different parts of the world. It allows to get in touch with actors of the cultural sector at any time and in any place and to stay up to date on EU cultural policies or funding opportunities, among other. 

CultureXchange works as a web-platform but also as a social media, where you can post topics, announcements, events, create discussion groups, contact colleagues and become friends. It provides you also with a specialised Library and Webinars space, where the main documentary resources regarding culture and creativity at EU and international level can be accessed, viewed and downloaded.

The EU-funded project “Culture Advisory Service” aims at contributing to the adoption and implementation of appropriate and inclusive culture policies, systems and practices in developing countries, in line with the EU policies and guidelines. 

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