Belgium: Working on a Healthier Future


Specialists in the Health Sector in Developing countries met in Brussels  on April 1st, to discuss policy solutions to promote sustainable employment. The workshop, titled “Working on a Healthier Future”, aimed to assess the situation, identify key challenges and develop policy solutions to promote sustainable employment in this sector in developing countries.

This was a one-day informative, interactive and participatory workshop to assess ways to increase investment in education and skills development, while ensuring the quality of health sector jobs, in terms of working conditions, labour protection and rights at work.

The workshop, organized by the European Commission with the support of B&S Europe and GOPA Com, was moderated by Marisol Touraine (Senior Member of the Conseil d’État of France) and counted on the presence of Senior Officials from the International Labour Organisation, the World Health Organisation, private companies and, of course, European Commission representatives.