African Regional Congress Against the Death Penalty - 9/10th April - Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire


Early this week, B&S Europe was requested by the European Commission to support the organisation "Ensemble contre la peine de mort" in the organisation of the African Regional Congress Against the Death Penalty.

The congress took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on the 9th and 10th April and gathered nearly 250 participants. The Congress brought together representatives from CSO, IOs and government as well as diplomats an young journalists to the purpose of assessing the progress on the abolition of the death penalty and building up a road map to continue fighting for the abolition. Debates were held on a wide range of topics such as the influence of precolonial history heritage on death penalty, the political involvement on the matter, the relevance of international protocols and the importance of the role of media on reporting.

This event was organized wit the support of B&S Europe, in the framework of our European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - EIDHR multi events contract. This instrument expresses the EU's commitment to promote and support democracy, human rights and the rule of law worldwide. Active since 2007, the EIDHR has been financing projects in various areas such as supporting Human Rights Defenders, campaigning against Death Penalty, helping civil society survive in the most difficult situations, supporting key international actors and treaties or rehabilitating victims of torture.

The general objectives of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights are to contribute to the development and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law as well as to the respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms, within the framework of the European Union’s policy on development cooperation with third countries and consistently with the EU’s foreign policy as a whole.

The EIDHR is designed to help civil society to become an effective force for political reform and defence of human rights. Building on its key strength, which is the ability to operate without the need for host government consent, the EIDHR is able to focus on sensitive political issues and innovative approaches and to cooperate directly with local civil society organisations which need to preserve independence from public authorities, providing for great flexibility and increased capacity to respond to changing circumstances.

The EIDHR has been renewed and strengthened for 2014-2020. The EIDHR is supported each year by various events that contribute to its implementation and its visibility. It is essential that a proper communication and dissemination is ensured on EIDHR deliveries, results, and lessons learnt and ongoing prospective debates. The African Regional Congress Against the Death Penalty that took place this week in Abidjan was one of them.