Business and Strategies in Europe S.A. (B&S Europe) is a private Belgian consulting firm focusing on governance, justice, security, communication and outreach projects in developing, transition and partner countries. B&S Europe was established in 1991. In 2013, B&S Europe became member of GOPA Consulting Group, Germany's leading group of consulting firms in development cooperation. 

We provide technical assistance services to companies, public organisations and institutions, particularly within the scope of programmes and projects financed by international or bilateral bodies. Our offices are based in Belgium, Romania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Lebanon and Libya, but our portfolio of projects and services is global. We have achived a high degree of specialisation, which is reflected in the high technical expertise of our staff (a culturally diverse in-house team) and experts. 

Development through Understanding is our general philosophy that underpins our work around the globe. At B&S Europe, we firmly believe that, only by respecting and understanding local cultures and ways of life, we can create sustainable solutions to the multi-faceted challenges faced by developing and partner countries. Through regular field experience and remote close coordination with our teams on the ground, we stay connected to the local realities, monitoring the progress and impact of our projects. 

Rather than dictating solutions from the outside, B&S advocates and provides consultancy services that incorporate a comprehensive understanding of local culture, as well as of the political context, and engage in knowledge-transfer practices. We share this philosophy with our clients and our ever-growing network of experts and partners. This allows us to design adaptive and impactful programmes able to meet the needs of all clients.